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Carbon emission is a problem?

Carbon dioxide, one of the major Greenhouse gases, is causing multiple climate change-related issues. 


What is carbon capture?

Several carbon reduction technologies have emerged recently; it is unquestionably a vital step to stop worsening the CO2 emission problem.


However, carbon reduction can not reduce the CO2 concentration in the atmosphere, so even if we achieve net zero, the climate change problem remains unsolved.


On the other hand, carbon sequestration technologies are generally expensive and inefficient, which causes difficulties in the sustainable long run.

Our Solution

Advantages & Uniqueness

We believe we can only fight natural disasters with the power of nature itself. Microalgae are one of nature’s most efficient carbon-fixing organisms. These microorganisms can achieve mass production quickly and significantly fix carbon dioxide in saccharide form through photosynthesis.


1. Higher efficiency

The mutant algae allow us to genetically select for higher carbon capturing efficiency strain.


2. Sustainability

Algae is only part of our product, the production method makes a huge difference as well. We are using an outdoor photobioreactor to culture our algae, so the whole production can be supported by solar energy.


3. Quantifiable and verified

We strongly emphasize the importance of third-party verification to provide secure assurance for our customers. Through this verification process, we can accurately measure the precise amount of CO2 we capture.


4. Low in cost

Our solution has been designed with a strong focus on minimizing costs associated with carbon capture. We have optimized the technology and processes to ensure maximum efficiency and affordability. This allows us to offer competitive pricing lower than many other carbon capture solutions in the market.


5. Scalable 

Our product aims to capture the most CO2 with minimal space occupation and cost. Our reactors (Nano-tree) can capture up to 75kg of CO2/m2/year. If we increase the scale to 0.58% of the Sahara desert, we can offset the global carbon emission.