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About Alcarbo Technologies

Alcarbo Technologies Limited is a biotechnology corporation developing a revolutionary algae photobioreactor system (PBRs) to absorb and neutralize carbon dioxide (CO2), the most abundant and prime greenhouse gas in our atmosphere. CO2 is produced daily from human activities and is not a high-value by-product. In contrast, CO2 is an essential raw material for photosynthetic organisms to synthesize organic substances. Our innovative technology utilizes algae photosynthesis, providing an alternative solution to make CO2 useful by converting it to algae biomass. Microalgae are efficient carbon-fixing organisms, which can capture 400 times more CO2 than trees can. These micro-organisms can easily be scaled up to significantly offset carbon emissions and release oxygen through photosynthesis. This is a permanent and quantifiable carbon fixing solution. The quantity of CO2 we absorbed will be recorded and converted to carbon credits to supply to any industries in Hong Kong that favor their carbon emission profile. Our reactor has the advantages of being space-saving, cost-effective, and more sustainable than other existing solutions in the market. This project will be a solution for Hong Kong to meet the target of the Paris Agreement, which requires neutralizing local CO2 emissions before the year 2050.